Visiting Schools, Working With Teachers, and Empowering Young Minds

11295272_s-219x300Cerritos, California (BROADVIEW MORTGAGE) September 6th, 2013


This is the first week of school for ABC Unified students, a very busy time for teachers and administrators as they kick-off the school year. As the dust settles from assigning seating charts and “getting to know you” ice breakers, my attention is centered on the Primary Intervention Program (PIP), whose aides have been preparing since the latter part of the summer to welcome students.

I’m compelled to quote Dr. Mary Sieu, Superintendent of ABC Unified, “The PIP program at ABC provides over 1,000 students with classroom skills and social or emotional supports.  ABC teachers report that students have improved attendance, attitudes, self-esteem and self-confidence.  These important life skills will translate to better school achievement and improved student outcomes.”

Over 1,000 students have access to PIP, but how many more are in need of social and emotional support in ABC Unified? It is not just Dr. Sieu who thinks the PIP is critical. Teachers who send their “problem kids” to PIP are reporting “improved attendance, attitudes, self-esteem and self-confidence.” The PIP not only makes it easier for teachers to teach but it gives these kids the best odds for getting a quality education. These children are learning at an early age skills that I’ve barely acquired as a 27 year old!

The access to this program should not be limited to 1,000 students but rather all students who have a need. I would personally like to get better acquainted with each PIP Aide (they’re the ones who run the program at each school site) and the teachers who have benefited from having the program at their school. To help in this effort I will be visiting five schools next week, one each school day, to introduce each PIP aide to the teachers at their school.

I value the opportunity to learn more about the needs of these individuals within the ABC Unified community. Broadview Mortgage looks forward to helping PIP grow in the years to come.

About the Author: Chris is the Assistant Director of Branch Development and an MBA graduate. He is passionate about building community relationships and supporting worthy causes. In his free time Chris enjoys playing with his Labrador puppy “Abby”, playing guitar and reading books. He can be reached via email at katella@broadviewmortgage.com 


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