Single Fannie/Freddie Security Details Coming Soon – FHFA

In a speech on Thursday the director of the Federal Housing
Finance Agency (FHFA)
emphasized one of the three familiar goals of his agency’s
2015 scorecard for the conservatorship of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Melvin L. Watts told an audience at the
Goldman Sachs Housing Finance Conference that FHFA would again structure its
conservatorship of two government sponsored enterprises (GSEs) around goals to Maintain assets of the GSEs; Reduce risk to them and consequently to
taxpayers, and Build for the future.

Watt said that for 2015 Build means continued progress of a
new securitization infrastructure for the GSEs that will be adaptable for other
secondary market participants in the future. 
This has two parts; continuing to build the Common Securitization
Platform (CSP) and moving toward a Single Security for both of the GSEs. 


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