How To Sell a Home in Less-Than-Perfect Condition

house-cleaningFixer-uppers sell on the market all of the time.  There are plenty of homebuyers out there who would love to purchase a slightly worn down home and renovate to make it more of their own, as long as there isn’t anything marginally wrong with the home.  This doesn’t go without saying that the seller of the home still has to make sure to adequately prepare the home to be placed on the market.  If you are planning on selling a home that needs some attention for the highest possible price, try these tactics first:

  • Clean it up-this is probably one of the most obvious yet overlooked suggestions.  How many times have we all heard our mothers say, “a clean house is a happy house”, and never listened to her.  Well, if you want to sell your home there has never been a better time to finally listen to your mother’s quirky phrases, because a clean home can make a potential homebuyer feel exponentially more pleased with the aesthetics of your home, which could also have them thinking, “wow, this home is well taken care of”.  Dust, wax, mop, or shine absolutely anything that you can.  Another annoyingly useful phrase you have heard your mother say is, “less is more”.  Decluttering your home before a showing is a great idea as it removes any distracting items from the buyer’s attention.  It also makes the house appear cleaner.  Take as many objects out of plain sight as possible, and leave the furniture out in a tasteful arrangement.
  • Replace carpets and repaint-these two things are worth the investment as they will leave the whole house looking newer and fresher. Dirty carpets and stained walls can be a huge turn off to a potential buyer, and might indicate to them that the previous homeowner wasn’t very caring with their home, leaving them to think that there could be internal problems with it.
  • Money talks-offer a financial incentive to the buyer’s agent for the buyer that ends up purchasing your house.  This will make real estate agent’s more likely to show your home to potential buyers because who doesn’t want free money?  The more that your house is shown, the more likely someone is to buy the home.
  • Price your home fairly-there is a huge problem in the real estate market as of recent times.  Many people are pricing their homes at a higher value than they are worth, which is subsequently pricing people out of the market and driving down the rate of homes being sold in the United States.  If your home needs repairs, price it a bit lower than other listings nearby.  If the repairs are significant, it may be useful (and honest) to price your home at a discounted rate as a credit towards the money that the next homeowner will have to fork over in repairs.
  • Honesty is the best policy-no body wants to be deceived or misled.  Be honest about the condition of your home on flyers as well as your selling agent.  In the end, someone is eventually going to discover the issues when the home inspector comes in to appraise the home, which could lead to your home being sold for way less than you are asking, if it ends up getting sold at all.
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