Renters see Selves as Homeowners-in-Waiting

the dream of homeownership has been sidelined for many, it appears to have not been
derailed.   Freddie Mac says the responses of renters to a
recent survey it conducted shows that many are struggling financially but they
still hope to buy
a home.  Eventually.

Freddie Mac surveyed 2,044 adults
in August.  The total included 672 and
the report issued by the company this week relies primarily on the perceptions
of that subgroup about renting in the post financial crisis marketplace.  This is the first in what the company says
will be a quarterly series of surveys “to learn
about renters’ preferences towards the housing choices available to them, the
constraints preventing them from obtaining housing that they think would better
suit their needs, and the drivers for their decisions.”  Except for the financial situation information
directly below all data refers only to responses from the survey subset of

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