Private Residential Construction Spending Held Firm in September

U.S. construction spending eased back
slightly in September, to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $950.92 billion.  The U.S. Census Bureau reported that this was
down 0.4 percent from the seasonally adjusted number in August of $955.17
billion and 2.9 percent higher than the September 2013 rate of $924.15 billion.
 Spending in both private and publicly
funded sectors of construction was lower than in the previous month.   

On a non-seasonally adjusted basis total
construction in September was $88.25 billion compared to 88.71 billion in
August and $86.10 billion a year earlier. 
Year-to-date expenditures at the end of September were $710.07 billion,
6.1 percent more than the $669.34 billion at the same point in 2013.


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