Not to be Outdone; Fannie Profits Bring Dividend Total to $136.4 Billion

Like Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae has
also reported a profitable fourth quarter of 2014 and a profitable year.  The company had both net and comprehensive income
for the quarter of $1.3 billion and for the year a net of $14.2 billion and comprehensive
income of $14.7 billion.

Comparing the year’s total results
with those of 2013 was, as with Freddie Mac’s revenues, virtually meaningless
as a large portion of the 2013 net of $84 billion and comprehensive income of $84.8
billion resulted from a one-time release of the company’s valuation allowance against its deferred tax assets.

Fannie Mae paid a total
of $20.6 billion in dividends to Treasury in 2014 and expects to pay an additional $1.9 billion in March
2015, fringing the company has paid to $136.4 billion.  Dividends do not reduce prior Treasury draws,
which total $116.1 billion since 2008.

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