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          Thank you for visiting us from the The Fish 95.9 FM.  This page is dedicated to resources Broadview Mortgage advertises on The Fish Radio here in Orange and Los Angels County, CA.  We share your values!

One of our passions is helping people achieve the American Dream of Home Ownership. Our stated purpose is to “Create and Empower Homeowners.”  Our passion for this starts at the very beginning of the process; home buyer education.  This includes helping to provide you with a good understanding of financial preparedness, credit preparedness, and the experience of owning your own home; costs and benefits. If becoming a homeowner is in the grand plan laid out for you, we are here to help facilitate that.

As you may have heard on The Fish, we specialize in, and have a certain expertise in buyer assistance programs throughout the State of California.  There are many programs available which include State level programs as well as County and local City programs.  These programs include education and help with a down payment, grants and loans.  We are also proud to be a part of the nationally recognized Homes for Heroes® program which provides for discounts and rebates when purchasing a home.

We encourage you to learn as much as as you can by studing the resources we provide here.  A good place to start is to pick up on some of the vocabulary that is used in the process, we call it Loan Lingo.  Then you will want to continue on and read about, How Do I Begin the Process of Buying a Home?  You will find some short videos along the way that will help.  Lastly, study up on the most often used State of California Buyer Assistance and Grant programs listed below.  Write down your questions as you go, and then give us a call or complete the short form below and a California Licenses Loan Officer will reach back out to you shortly.  As part of the process, we are going to want to know the areas you are interested in living, so get ready!

If you have any questions along the way, or when you are ready to begin, please give us a call on our Fish Radio Hotline: 888-888-LORD.

State of California Buyer Assistance | Grant Programs