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John-KrochmanJohn Krochman
Branch Manager
Broadview Mortgage Orange
Cell: (714) 906-4357
NMLS# 278683
Email: Johnk@broadviewmortgage.com



My name is John Krochman and I am the Branch Manager here at the Orange Branch since 2005 (formerly PorchLight). After having been an independent mortgage banker and then broker after the 2008 Credit Crisis, we found Broadview (this seemingly ‘secret’ company) while researching origination partners offering the State bond programs including CalSTRS and CalPERS.  Before joining the team, we and Broadview did business together on a wholesale level for about a year. Then, in the late days of 2008, we joined Broadview Mortgage as their 28th retail branch. We are blessed to not only have found Broadview Mortgage, but found a family business is aligned with our own values. We are proud to be a part of the family and happy to have celebrated Broadview 25th Anniversary; Now Celebrating 27 Years! 

I was Born and raised in Tustin CA (Orange County).  I was baptized Catholic in St. Cecelia’s in Tustin and attended the local public schools including Columbus Tustin Middle Schools and Tustin High School.  I started working young, as a brain-of-mush ‘entrepreneur dreamer’ type, and settled into mortgage banking after throwing back a few business ventures, both good and bad.  I am the last of six children, and lived in the family home I was born to until the age 25. I then took my own leap into what we call Homebuyership™ and took a ride on the First Time Homebuyer roller coaster. I use that home buying experience today to focus on empathy in working with our new home buyers throughout the process.

Our branch specializes in community enrichment and education programs, which helps ease the barrier of Homebuyership.™   A great example of this is our involvement in the Homes for Heroes® program, which helps Veterans, First Responders, Teachers, and Public Employees achieve homeownership. We are also very proficient with the State down payment assistance programs (CalHFA) and coined the phrase Triple Layer Cake with the agency.  Although we are a community based, boutique style lender, although we enjoy relationships with borrowers throughout the State of California.

AJ Krochman (3) muscling a pick of pumpkins to the car.

AJ Krochman (3) muscling a pick of pumpkins to the car.

I discovered my passion and obsession for great client experience working in the hospitality trade and managing restaurants during my High School years.  I learned young that you own every mistake, even when its not yours.  After all, the customer is always right.  To this day I have a tendency to spend more time solving challenges then analyzing why or how one may have occurred, leaving the analysis for another day.  To me, in this business, the end game is helping to create the new homeowner and thats where I like to keep my focus.

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We married on July 4th 1997 and it has been fireworks ever since.

My wonderful bride Brooke, and I were married on July 4, 1997, again at St. Cecelia’s in Tustin.  We just celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary this July. We have a large family of our own, with five boys ages 17, 15, 12, 7, and 5.  Their given names; John, Samuel, Benjamin, Nicholas, and Alexander and they go by Jack, Sam, Ben, Nick, and AJ (which is short for Alexander John).  We are active members of Salem Lutheran Church and School where our boys attend K-8.th Jack is a Junior at Orange Lutheran High School.  Sam is now a freshman.  Brooke, has an ‘honorable degree’ in homemaking and seems to have a side job helping the youth as either a taxi cab driver or limo driver (I can’t decide). Indeed, she makes it look easy.

I was introduced to the residential mortgage industry in 1999 through my brother in law and have primarily served in managerial and executive positions.  I immediately found the industry to be a good challenge in almost every aspect of business.  It is a mix between the professional services industry and the manufacturing industry in many ways.  Our offerings begin as concepts, develop into working idea’s, are prototyped, tested, approved, rolled-out, marketed, promoted, produced, delivered, and warrantied.  All the while, we are heavly regulated by State and Federal agencies, subject to supply and demand market conditions, and subject to general economic conditions including interest rates and the ups and downs in the Real Estate Market.

Take all of that and add in the factor of working directly with consumers, many whom are first time home buyers, and then on the flip side working with folks in the industry who specialize in a highly analytical trade, and its enough personalities to challenge Sigmund Freud. I like to tell people that to succeed in this industry, you need to be “cerebrally ambidextrous” and able to function well with both sides of their brain (which I believe probably means brain damaged!)  Needless to say, I seemed to fit in just fine and generally enjoy the profession.

My professional purpose is to facilitate achievement of real estate goals.  I have many interests but I am not harnessed by any particular niche other than a passion for the home purchase market.  I have always kept a mastermind group, I am a big believer in the fact that it takes good, like minded people to achieve admirable goals.  And while the market has it’s ups and downs and the members of my mastermind had evolved over the years, the pillars remain.

In early 2005 we inked our organizational purpose to “Create and Empower Homeowners” and that remains true today in it’s modified form to “Help Create, Empower, and Promote Homeownership within our Community.”  We also set the goal of “empower[ing] homebuyers and industry professionals though an On-Line University educational system. . . .” and to “take the mystery out of Homebuyership.”  Indeed we remain educational focused today with our online Webinar programs, live Seminars, and Lunch and Learn programs.

My most influential quotations are, “There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he does not mind who gets the credit.” ~ Ronald Wilson Reagan, “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.” ~ (Leave me a comment and tell me who said this first!), “Out of adversity comes Opportunity” ~ Ben Franklin.   Meaningful bible verse is James 2:24; You see that a man is justified by works and not by faith alone.  <><

I pride myself in keeping an open door and welcome calls from prospective home buyers, consumers, Realtors®, and business partners alike.  I can easily be reached via e-mail at johnk@broadviewmortgage.com or phone (714) 906-4357.





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