Online Home Search Warning

Online-Home-Search-WarningWhat’s Real, What’s Not?

Searching homes for sale online is incredibly easy to do, and is incredibly easy to out dated and inaccurate information.

Once you experience the wasted time and frustration of services that often deliver out dated and inaccurate information, you will be able to search homes for sale, stress free and with as much accuracy as you need to narrow down your home search.

Syndicated Data vs Real Time Data

Syndicated Data
There are many of the well known, always used websites out there that use Syndicated Data to get information about homes that are for sale.  It is a information through a feed so it is a snapshot of a home in time, not necessarily not at this moment.

This essentially creates a duplicated and independent version that is not updated when the source information is changed , the information is not updated in a timely manner, if at al,l and home searchers will often find that the home has been sold or is in escrow.

While these websites are well built and easy to use, they are in the business of selling advertising impressions from the millions of visitors these sites get.  These sites are fun to play around on, but don’t rely solely on the information without verifying it with a professional.

These Syndicated Data websites are extremely useful in narrowing down your options, areas and amenities if you’re getting anxious about find the perfect home, just don’t count on the details being there.

The best possible thing you can do is use your Real Estate Agents direct feed to the Multiple Listing Service which is the original source of all online, home for sale, information.

Real Time Data
Your Real Estate Agent should be able to provide you with Direct MLS Access that is highly customizable by yourself and even more so by your Real Estate Agent.  Most Real Estate Agents today offer mobile search apps or mobile optimized sites with GPS enabled home search capabilities.

This is the best way to communicate with your Real Estate Agent as well.  As you save, and make notes on, homes that you find in your searches, you help teach your Real Estate Agent to learn what you like and prefer in an area and/or home.

With your help answering a handfull of questions about your situation, we can have an intelligent conversation about what options may or may not be available to you in today’s fast changing Mortgage Loan marketplace.

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