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          Interview Home Buying Team ~ A dependable Realtor® will help you work within your budget and find a home you love. Ask your friends and family for their Realtor® recommendations. We can recommend high-quality Realtors® in your area.

Since communication is key, it is important you “click” with your Loan Officer and Real Estate Agent and you are all on the same page about what methods, times and/or days are easiest/best to reach you. You will want to be able to communicate by as many methods as you feel comfortable with during the process.  Great communication eases the nerves and can be very convenient.  Most of all, do your research and read this post on Find a Realtor ® with a Phd.

Find the Right Buying Agent

A buying agent can provide you with information that you otherwise would not have access to.  Buying Agents receive an updated daily feed of home listings for sale in your price range and the area that can fit your needs better than if you went out to find a home on your own.  Ask friends and family for a referral to a buyer’s agent, and then ask your agent how long they have been a buyer’s agent and whether they work part time or full time.  These are important questions as some agents simply work in Real Estate on the side so that they can add an extra $10,000 a year to the salary at their main job at the end of the year.  If it is a side job, their heart is most likely not in it and therefore they might not have your best interest at heart.  Find someone whom you feel you can trust—typically a friend or family referral can help with that.  Lastly, ask your agent to look at the homes before they ask you to view it to make sure that they fit the guidelines you are requesting.  Don’t waste time viewing open houses that don’t fit the requirements you have set.

Open Communication and Realistic Budget

Have a discussion with your Realtor® about what you want in a home. It helps to have a list of must-have features and some nice-to-have features so that you know where you can compromise. Keep on the lookout for things that might raise your monthly payment. Mello Roos taxes or association dues might put you over budget. Your Realtor® can help. Stay within your budget when writing offers. As long as you stay within budget, it may be better to go below, at, or above the seller’s asking price. While writing offers and negotiating a purchase price, you may need to ask the seller to pay closing costs or ask them to make certain repairs, depending on the situation. Your Realtor® and loan officer can guide you through these decisions. We can send a pre-qualification letter to you and your agent when you write an offer. This will strengthen your offer by telling the seller that you are ready and able to purchase the home.

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