How Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers are Paid

It’s important to understand how your Loan Officer and your Real Estate Agent are paid and why they do their jobs they way they do.

The Real Estate Agent

  • Paid by the seller of the property only after the home is sold.
  • Paid by the seller with referrals of friends and family.

The Loan Officer

  • Paid by the Lender of the mortgage loan only after the home is sold.
  • Paid by the Buyer with referrals of friends and family.
  • Paid by the Real Estate Agents with referrals to new clients.

Both of these professionals are paid only after the escrow closes.  There is a mutual benefit and motivation by both parties to meet all deadlines and juggle the many moving parts of any Real Estate transaction.

The best professionals are able to navigate and communicate throughout the ups and downs of a difficult escrow.  At the end of the day, if you’re happy the effort and professionalism of your Loan Officer or Real Estate Agent, say thank you by referring them to others.

The Best Ways to Say Thank You

If you Real Estate Agent or Loan Officer did an amazing job for you, the best way to thank them for how they handled their role in the home buying process is to review them and refer them to your friends and family.

The best Thank You Review Online, is if you join or are already a member of popular social sites like:

A kind word about the Real Estate Professional on one of these forums means a lot to the folks that work hard behind the scenes.  It’s a wonderful gesture and a very well received compliment.

The best Thank You that you can possibly get is a Personal Referral.

If you are not the online type or if you really want to say thank you to the next level is to Refer the Loan Officer or Real Estate Agent to your friends, family, co-workers or acquaintances that are interested, or in the process and want a second opinion. A good reputation goes a long way in this business where trust has not always been there.  A personal referral is the greatest compliment you can give and is greatly appreciated by the Loan Officer and Real Estate Agent.