Video: How to Look at MLS Listings and Find the Best Home

Video: Below is a great Vimeo Video on How to Look for MLS Listings from DoorSteps.com

Keep in mind that 30-120 days is not an unusual amount of time for a new home buyer to find the right homes and start making serious and competitive offers. Since market conditions can change very quickly, the sooner you enter the process, the better prepared you’ll be when market conditions fall into place for you. Home Buyers that search for homes longer than 60-90 days are probably either not with the right Home Buyer Team or slowly taking their time, looking purposely for specific areas or amenities.

Searching for Homes for Sale Online and How to Look at MLS Listings

The Best Way to Search Homes for Sale Online is to get direct access to the MLS from your Real Estate Agent or Realtor.com. Additionally, we really enjoy the DoorSteps technology from Realtor.com as it helps guide you through the entire process.  We have also had great success with LindingBook.  We will supply a link shortly so that you may choose from either.  Of course your Real Estate Agent may have the very best tools for you, don’t forget to ask.  If you need a referral to an Broadview Endorsed Agent in your area, Please contact above.

Shopping the Neighborhood and How to Look at MLS Listings

I know it sounds bad, but stalking the neighborhoods is the best way to really get the flavor of a community.  Drive by during the day, in the afternoon, in the evening (listen for garage bands!).  Do business in the community.  Go to the grocery, clothing and entertainment spots in the community – make sure you’re close to a good movie theater! You also have the right to go to the Police Station (or online) and request a criminal blotter of the community over a period of time.  This will tell you about calls to the Police and occurrences that happened over this time period, in that community.  That’s valuable information. You can request this same report from the local Fire Department as well.

It’s ok for you to visit the County planner and building department to see if any construction or major projects are being considered for your community.  You would want to know if a public park or major super store is opening next door in the next few years.  That’s free research that only requires your time.

With your help answering a handfull of questions about your situation, we can have an intelligent conversation about what options may or may not be available to you in today’s fast changing Mortgage Loan marketplace.

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