Video: The Process of Buying a Home; How do I begin?

Process of Buying a Home

The process of buying a home is going to have many ups and downs and will be very stressful, especially if your’e a first time home buyer. Most of this nervousness and excitement is completely normal and unavoidable.  The rest of the anxiety can be completely removed by educating yourself about the process of buying a home.  This site is dedicate to a good deal of educational resources.  In addition, working directly with one of our mortgage professionals will help to ease you through the process.  We also recommend the use of Doorsteps®, which is an interactive tool for helping you narrow the process and make critical decisions about price and budget even before the pre-approval process.   Take tome to watch the below Video: How Do i Begin the Process of Buying a Home?


Do Your Research and Set Expectations

The very first step is putting your expectations in check.  The process of buying a home is a very significant business decision and, if you have the ability to do so, should be treated as a business transaction, with considerable personal gain once successful. By doing your research, understanding even only the basics, and surrounding yourself with a great team that communicates, you have everything on your side that you can possibly have.  Trust your research so that “next step” is not a surprise to you.


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Keep in mind that this is the educated opinion and any inaccuracies are unintentional. We would love your feedback if you feel any of this information needs to be updated, if you have any words of encouragement for those entering the Home Buying Process, or if you have questions about the Process that you would like answered.

Average Tim for the Process of Buying a Home:  90 to 120 days

With your help answering a handfull of questions about your situation, we can have an intelligent conversation about what options may or may not be available to you in today’s fast changing Mortgage Loan marketplace.

Get Pre-Approved Now

The first step in your process of buying a home is to get started with the Pre-Approval by completing the short form that best describes your goals.

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