Higher Home Prices Suggest Foreclosure Over Short-Sales

Rising home prices have been a boon to many homeowners but may
not bode as well for those who are facing foreclosure.  Black Knight Financial Services’ Mortgage Monitor this month takes a look
at how liquidation strategies for properties facing foreclosure can affect the
recovery on principal made by lenders. 
They found that foreclosure and sale of the resulting REO may provide a
higher recovery
of the unpaid principal balance (UPB) than short sales, a
reversal from just a few years ago.

Using its newly developed Resolution Module the company
looked at three methods of liquidation, a sale to a third party at foreclosure
auction which consistently results in a fully paid mortgage, short sales in
which the lender agrees to take proceeds of the property sale which is, by
definition, less than the UPB, in full settlement of the debt, and a
foreclosure and subsequent sale of the REO.


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