Governor Briefly mentions Homebuyer Tax Credit in Recent Speech

Governor Schwarzenegger spoke about his Jobs initiative at a SJ Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce Lunch on Thursday, January 28th, 2010.

In an almost 44 minute speech, the Gov snuck in one quick reference about the tax credit….and here it is:

And I urge the legislature also to come up with their own job creation package or just approve mine, the way I proposed it during my State of the State speech.

And, of course, I just wanted to go through it quickly:

  • The first part of it was the $500 million for the hiring tax credit,
  • The second one was a measure to streamline the permitting of construction projects,
  • The third one was the extension of the homebuyers tax credit for new homes or for existing homes,
  • The fourth one is a proposal to exempt the purchase of green technology manufacturing equipment from the sales tax,
  • And the fifth one is tort reform to eliminate frivolous lawsuits that hurt businesses and that kill jobs.

Those are the five proposals we have. And I know that the legislators have their own ideas and I’m welcoming those ideas. I say to them, come and let’s work together. It will take us just a few days to sit down. Let’s take your ideas and let’s take our ideas and merge them together.

I was getting a little worried because as you know, the State of California still has a serious spending problem.  I have not been able to dig up any other mention of the credit since back on January 14th and the press conference in Fresno.

I’ll keep my ear to the trail and let you know what else we hear.

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