Fannie Survey Says: Housing Attitude Remains Cautious

Even though consumers are becoming increasingly optimistic about
the economy and comfortable that it is heading in the right direction, results
of the Fannie Mae’s December National Housing Survey indicate that they are
quite so sure of the housing market. 
Positive answers to the question of whether the economy is on the right
or the wrong track increased by 5 percentage points from the November survey
while wrong track answers decreased by one, bringing the two tracks as close
together as they have been since the survey began.

At the same time those who view this as a good time to buy a
home decreased from 68 percent to 64 percent, an all-time survey low.  Those who think it is a good time to sell
went up by one point to 40 percent.  When
asked if their next home would be one they owned or rented the preference for
renting increased by 3 points to 41 while 61 percent said they would buy, down
1 point from November and also an
all-time survey low. 

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