CoreLogic: Income Inequality and the Housing Market

The topic of income inequality is, as they
say, trending, and this has moved CoreLogic to look at the nature of incomes and
homeowners.  In a recent article in the
company’s Housing Trends Blog, principal economist Kathryn Dobbyn talks about a
new CoreLogic Index and the questions it is designed to answer.

The index is based on the company’s
loan level database and measures monthly median incomes derived from
debt-to-income (DTI) ratios for households obtaining mortgages.  Data, which was limited to fully documented,
owner-occupied, single-family originations, was used to create both an
inflation-adjusted and a non-inflation adjusted median income time series from
January 2000 to September 2014.  An index
value of 100 equals the median borrower income for loans originated in 2000 for
each index.   

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