City of Compton First Time Home Buyer Assistance Program

Buyer Assistance Program

The Community Redevelopment Agency (Agency) of the City of Compton has designed the First Time Homebuyers Program (Program) to relieve the prevailing housing affordability crisis in the community. The Program consists of a Second Mortgage, which is in the form of a Silent Second Deed of Trust. An eligible household may receive second mortgage assistance up to $100,000.00. The amount awarded, however, will be based on the need for each household on a case-by-case basis.

Eligible Areas

City of Compton, California

Special Instructions

UPDATED 8/23/13

Qualified buyers must be first time homebuyers or must not have owned or held an interest in a primary residence in the past three years. Priority shall be provided to residents and households who are employed or reside within the City of Compton.

Buyer assistance programs are subject to availability of funds and budgetary constraints.  There may be other assistance programs in the State of California that are available.

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