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As the close of summer approaches, it is inevitable that soon we will have autumn and all its wonderful festivities upon us. For me, the kick-off for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas was always “Back to School”.

You remember, those first couple days of finding out who your teachers are going to be, whether or not you’re sitting next to your friends, and the sometimes painstaking ordeal of buying school supplies last minute.

In ABC Unified School District, there are a vast number of children who struggle with separate issues. For many children in the K-12 grades, the new school year poses severe social and economic challenges.There are third graders who don’t have a backpack, let alone sufficient school supplies, to make it through the year. Others continually have to deal with domestic issues such as an alcoholic parent, homelessness, or outright poverty.

Many businesses, small and large, are unaware of the issues that their community faces. I’m proud to say that Broadview Mortgage is not one of those businesses! We have been actively involved with the ABC Unified Education Foundation and have been working hard to empower the teachers and students of the district. Here are a few things we have done and a couple others we are still working on:

ABC Into the Summer Fun Run This is an annual event that helps raise funds for the many growing needs of the district. As a sponsor, Broadview Mortgage works the event and makes sure that awareness is created of what exactly the ABC Ed Foundation is trying to accomplish.

P.I.P. Program Sponsorship– The “PIP” program is an early mental health initiative that counsels elementary school children through difficult, often traumatic, social situations that arise at school or at home. These children are usually written off as the “trouble makers” without understanding what the underlying problem is. This program has an extremely high national efficacy rate and was almost eliminated at ABC Unified. Broadview Mortgage sponsors 10 of the 16 schools that offer PIP to at risk students.

Back Pack Drive– Last year, a real estate agent named Mark Anthony Ruiz recognized a need at many of the schools for backpacks. Within a few weeks he organized, mobilized, and delivered over 300 backpacks to students who were in need. This year, he has mentioned that the need is far greater than he originally thought! Teaming up with First Choice Bank, Broadview Mortgage, and other businesses this year, Mark Anthony has aggressively set a goal of 1,000 backpacks. We are committed to helping procure and stuff 1,000 backpacks with school supplies that will go to students who cannot afford them.

Bottom Line

Broadview Mortgage does more than just write checks for sponsorships. We listen, we plan, we take action. We go out to the various schools and meet students who have benefited from the work we do on their behalf. We wake up at 4:30am on a Saturday to setup for a 5k run. We educate ourselves on issues in order to then empower those who are most affected by those issues.

In an economy that is struggling to pick up, it is these students and their education that are most at risk of falling through the cracks.

About the Author: Chris is the Assistant Director of Branch Development and an MBA graduate. He is passionate about building community relationships and supporting worthy causes. In his free time Chris enjoys playing with his Labrador puppy “Abby”, playing guitar and reading books. He can be reached via email at katella@broadviewmortgage.com or phone at (714)244-7368. 
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