Broadview Mortgage Katella Branch Launches a New Advertising Campaign on the Fish 95.9 FM Radio Station.


Broadview Mortgage Katella Branch Launches a New Advertising Campaign on the Fish 95.9 FM Radio Station.  The new advertising will raise awareness about Broadview Mortgage’s current emphasis to bring value to borrowers seeking better options that they are experiencing in their current situation.

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 Orange, CA – February 20th, 2014 – The Katella Branch of the Broadview Mortgage Corporation (BMC) this week launched a new local advertising campaign.  The ad campaign is in the form of a radio commercial on the highly popular and respected Southern California radio station, the Fish 95.9 FM.   The Fish 95.9 FM is a Christian Music Station that prides itself on being the only radio station positioned as ‘Safe for the Whole Family’ within the reach it spans through to Los Angeles and Orange County.  Currently, the Fish 95.9 FM has 500,000+ listeners per week, and is especially popular among educated working adults.

The campaign highlights Broadview Mortgage’s specialty in Down Payment Assistance Programs for eligible borrowers, as well as urges listeners to take advantage of the current low interest rates by refinancing their homes.  In the future, the campaign will include word of a partnership with another organization that aims to provide assistance to those working in public service.  Lastly, the campaign features an exciting vanity number, 855-MY-BROADVIEW.

“The object of the campaign is to achieve healthy organic growth for the Broadview Mortgage’s Katella Branch, and the company is proud to announce a partnership with a network as highly respected as the Fish 95.9 FM to carry through said goal.  This campaign demonstrates Broadview’s values as a company to act conservatively while utilizing problem solving skills and years of experience to assist financially responsible individuals and families to make the investment of owning a home.” ~ Says Brittany Williams, spokesperson for the Katella Branch.

Currently, the two main themes of the campaign are the Down Payment Assistance Program and Refinancing Mortgages.  The Down Payment Assistance Programs helps potential homebuyers to realize that they possess the ability to purchase a home without much money saved.  Americans tend to push it to the limit and spend more when they have more income, leaving little on the side to be saved.  The Down Payment Assistance Program is applicable to those who meet certain income standards, but simply do not have the savings at the time that they want to buy a home.

The call for borrowers to refinance is important for borrowers to be aware of in a time when interest rates are low.  Recently, other larger lenders have announced that they are backing off the refinance market, and have already taken action to do so, including massive layoffs of personnel.  Interest rates were projected to be much higher in Q1 of 2014, thus shifting the market to lean heavily towards a purchase market, but the market has yet to present such conditions, and has proven many predictions wrong.

The Fish 95.9 FM has partnered with many household names including but not limited to Trader Joe’s, California’s favorite: In-N-Out Burger, and the Anaheim Angels just down the road from us at the Broadview Mortgage Katella Branch.  We are very excited to work with the Fish to build this campaign.

If you have any questions about the information herein, feel free to reach out to the Author, Brittany Williams, at Brittany.williams@broadviewmortgage.com.  If you would like a quick preapproval Click Here, and for assistance with down payment or buyer assistance Click Here.  You are also always free to give us a call Toll Free (855) 692-7623.

Since 1988, Broadview Mortgage has distinguished itself through honest business relationships with clients, loyalty to employees, and commitment to empowering and educating those communities.  Broadview Mortgage is a mortgage banker and direct lender made up of loan officers with years of experience in the firm and sheer excellence in customer service. The firm works to explore several financial solutions for its clients, for which they choose.  Business is initiated and conducted on a word-of-mouth basis.  Broadview Mortgage is a delegated underwriter for the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), the Veterans Administration (VA), and the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA).  Broadview is also approved to participate in several state, county and city programs for First Time Home Buyers.

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