VA Hospital in Long Beach Has DVD Library Replaced by Broadview Mortgage

VALong Beach, California (BROADVIEW MORTGAGE) April 30, 2013

VA Hospital in Long Beach Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Center are in good spirits just days after their entertainment library was vandalized and stolen. Thanks to a generous donation from a local mortgage bank, the center has not only DVDs but also DVD players.

“When we heard that someone took from the veterans who have given so much, it wasn’t a matter of ‘if’ we wanted to help, it was a matter of ‘how soon’ can we could something together.” says [] Broadview Mortgage.

The Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Center works with veterans who are recuperating and transitioning, a process that can take years depending on the severity of the injury. Patients live on site at the hospital and have little to keep them entertained.

“You figure someone who is bedridden doesn’t get out much. Watching TV or movies is what helps keep them sane.” says Apodaca, “when we saw the DVDs were stolen it brought up another issue; most bedridden vets don’t have a DVD player to watch the movies on.”

Apodaca arrived at the VA Hospital in Long Beach with portable DVD players that are able to be transported from room to room. This increases access to the DVDs and helps slow the demand for the players. “What’s the point of having hundreds of DVDs if you only have two DVD players for the entire ward.” says Apodaca, “we asked how many they needed, then how many they wanted, and now I’m here making the delivery.”

The VA Volunteer Center works with the various wards to make patients feel at home and offer some company. Working with various businesses and organizations, they are able to secure donations to help make a vet’s stay at the VA Hospital in Long Beach just a bit more pleasant.

If you would like to donate to the VA Hospital in Long Beach or for more information, please contact us above.

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