Broadview Bankers to Attend OC Children’s Language Center Fundraiser Luncheon at Anaheim White House Restaurant

16036043_m-300x199Anaheim, California (BROADVIEW MORTGAGE) AUGUST 13TH, 2013

The White House in Anaheim is holding a special fundraiser to benefit the Orange County Childhood Language Center.

The OC Language Center provides speech therapy to children who have speech and language disorders, free of charge. A recent partnership with Chapman University’s Speech Pathology Department has further increased the scope of services available to children.

“We are very excited to be a part of this, as if Bruno hasn’t already done enough for children he makes an invitation like this one. We are thankful to him for hosting this at his fine establishment. Broadview Mortgage is curious to learn more about his community work and potentially form a partnership to expand his efforts.” says [Broadview], Assistant Director of Branch Development.

Bruno Serato is the owner and chef at the restaurant who is renowned for his philanthropy. Every day the White House feeds 500 kids who are homeless and living in motels. In 2011, Bruno was named on of the Top 10 Heroes in America by CNN.

The luncheon takes place from 11:30am to 2pm. A full three course meal will be served to guests at a cost of $25 for students, $45 for adults, and $70 for couples.

Broadview Mortgage has a reserved table of ten for bankers, business partners, and special guests.

Broadview Mortgage is a community-based mortgage bank in Orange, California. Our passion is to educate and empower homeowners.

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