5 Predictions for Housing in 2015

Realtor.com® is offering five predictions
for the coming New Year.  Three bode well
for the housing market and none are new. 
Most in fact could be dubbed the perennial predictions of the
recovery.  They are never really wrong but
end of the year reality never fully validates, only marks progress toward them.    Starting
with one of the negative forecasts and perhaps the one most often wrong, writer
Cicely Wedgeworth says:

1.      Mortgage Rates Will Head Back Up

Of course the experts said that in
2013 and 2014 as well, especially 2014, but still we sit, above record lows but
blessing our refinanced mortgages and cursing our money markets.  Wedgeworth says that the improving economy will
inevitably mean “the honeymoon is over” and we can expect a new paradigm that
will balance job growth with higher but still reasonable interest rates as the
Federal Reserve keeps its promise to increase the federal funds rate in
2015.  It has remained near zero since
December 2008.

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