2015 Housing Opportunities might be Short-Lived

is certainly no dearth of economic and housing forecasts afoot in the land.  Freddie Mac starts out its current U.S.
Economic & Housing Market Outlook by comparing this January with last.  Back then, we are reminded, “interest rates
were rising, growth was sluggish, and disruptive weather from a polar vortex
reduced economic growth in the first quarter by about one percent.” 

mortgage rates are down, jobs are up, and failing oil prices are providing a
big boost to individuals and the economy.   The question Frank E. Nothaft and Leonard
Kiefer, Freddie Mac’s chief and deputy chief economist ask is “whether or not
households and businesses will be able to seize these opportunities and make
the most of them.”  The two point out
that many of these opportunities may be, as television pitchmen say, available
for a limited time only.


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