DroneMLS™ ~ Multiple Listing Service from Above

Panoramic view of Santa Monica, CA shot from an AUS.  360° photo credits: SkyCamUsa, New York, NY


The Multiple Listing Service from Above

Display your listings from an Aerial Perspective and provide buyers with a panoramic view of your property, complete with the surrounding neighborhood. Service is available on a limited scope as the FAA completes their final rule making on the commercial use of sAUS (small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) equipment in real estate.



Check out some of these recent amazing pics (click to enlarge):





Sam Krochman is an independent advocate for the commercial use of sUAS.

Are you interested in the hobby of RC Aerial Photography and Unmanned Aerial Systems? Sam Krochman is an educated resource to direct you to the purchase of your own UAS, support, and a good education on the technology. 

About Sam and his Aerial Photography hobby; 191Above

Sam has been flying R/C Airplanes and helicopters since a young child. Currently he has started a part time effort training and demonstrating the technology to others.  Sam started this project on his 13th birthday in 2014.  Piloting these aircraft has become increasingly simple with the development of the multi-blade-copters, GPS guidance, and low cost gyroscope and electronic comimagespass integration.  That said, their are rules that every R/C Model Aircraft pilot must follow.  Causing harm or injury to others or to property are the main concerns which is now shared by the FAA.  Accidents are frequent among inexperienced flyers along with fly aways (when your aircraft literally flies away out of your control).  If you have questions, need help, want to talk with someone about shopping for drone type copters, or would enjoy some suggestions; reach out to Sam. Additionally, Sam has dealer sources for the sales of turn-key hardware as well as service and repair. Sam chose the name of his project, 191Above with inspiration taken from Psalam 19:1 ~ The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

The FAA on use of R/C Aerial Photography Equipment and UAS’ in Commercial Settings

While you may have heard of these flying machines referred to as Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), they are not.   That is not to say, however, that those days are not near on the horizon.  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has published their UAS Roadmap in efforts to carve out some guidance on these R/C hybrids.  The FAA is expected to release some guidance this year on the use of the R/C Devices in commercial settings. Currently, the law does not provide for widespread use of R/C-UAS hybrids commercially. If you are a hobbyist, or have in interests in these flying wonders, it can be a fun and rewarding hobby. We imagine that it won’t be long before industries are transformed with the introduction and advancements in this field. ama-horiz-logo-web We anticipate the DroneListing™ as simply another everyday tool in the real estate industry, the DroneInspection™ a way of business for Landscape Maintenance, Crop and field, and building inspections, and of course home delivery of all sorts of goods and services.  But for now, best keep it a hobby with safety as your number one priority when flying.  UPDATE: June 23, 2014, the FAA has released Guidance to Model Aircraft Operators including a nice info graphics on the Do’s and Dont’s.  Sam Krochman is a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics and follows the new developments governing the the use of small UAS’ in the Orange County.

Sam recently discussed Aerial Photography and his hobby with inmanNews® at AgentReboot in Anaheim, Ca.


Sam’s father invited him to tag along with one of his flying machines to a local Real Estate convention. He subsequently caught the attention of the host and was invited on stage to discuss his business and talk very briefly about the most popular camera equipped quad-copter, the DJI Phantom Vision 2 + which retails for about $1,100.

For information on flight training, or purchasing equipment, please contact Sam Krochman via eMail sam@191Above.com or call (714) 351-3432.

Example of a Wonderful use of Aerial Photography in Real Estate

When we find wonderfully uses of Aerial Photography in Real Estate we will share them here.  Here you will find examples of some of the best.  Keep in mind that just as photography in general, Aerial Photography is often shot, edited, and produced by professionals.  That said, if you are a hobbyist likely to jump into the realm of multi-Blade R/C Helicopters with advanced video equipment, there is a good chance you just might be the do it yourself video editor as well.  Please enjoy.

Example: Wesmoreland Hills Neighborhood Tour, Bethesda, MD

Credits: Wydler Brothers, residential real estate team.  Produced by Heliskope.



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